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Harnessing the power of user-generated content

Anyone can be a content creator now. And sports fans are among the most prolific of any group when it comes to making and sharing content based on their favourite IP.

How can sports rights-holders and their commercial partners benefit from this content? To what extent should they allow their IP to be adapted and modified? And how is the UGC landscape shifting with the launch of new social media platforms?

To watch this webinar, please watch it HERE

Everyone is a content creator now. The lines between professionally-generated content and user-generated content are blurring. UGC is becoming increasingly powerful in terms of its ability to drive audiences and engagement. Understanding the space it occupies in the sports digital landscape, and the opportunities and challenges it presents, is critical for sports industry professionals. In this webinar, we gathered a panel of experts from diverse backgrounds to talk about UGC and sport in 2021, tackling questions including:

  • What must sport understand about UGC today?

  • Where are the great examples of UGC driving value for sport, brands and other organisations?

  • What are the opportunities and challenges at the intersection where UGC is meeting live streamed sport?

  • Can sports properties take control of ‘their’ UGC back from the social media giants?

  • Is UGC a major revenue opportunity, or should sport think about it in a different way?

The expert panel is composed of:

  • Charlie Beall, consulting partner at UK-based digital consultancy Seven League

  • Hoshedar Gundevia, head of digital at Indian sports marketing group RISE Worldwide

  • Sameer Kamat, chief executive of user-generated content software firm Tint

  • Julian Jackson, founding partner at ResultXAsia, representing webinar sponsor Agora, the interactive and live-streaming technology provider.

The discussion is moderated by SportBusiness’ Asia-Pacific editor Kevin McCullagh.

This webinar was originally hosted by Kevin McCullagh for SportBusiness HERE

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